Rates for Shine Sparrow Therapy are as follows

  • Professional Counseling
  • Intake – An Hour and a Half (80 minutes in session) – $220*
  • Psychotherapy, All Modalities – Standard Session (45-50 minutes in session) – $150
  • Additional Time – Time above standard session rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes – $35/15 minutes
  • Phone Consults$35/15 minutes; if less than 15 minutes, free
  • *If you decide not to return as a professional counseling client, the intake session is free of charge.
  • Sliding Scale Policy:
  • There are two sliding scale options. Neither require proof of income. Parameters of sliding scale are mutually agreed upon before the start of sessions.
  • Option one – You choose a rate and pay that per session (usually $75-$125 per 50 minutes, prorated for 80 minutes as necessary), for a pre-set amount of sessions. Rates and agreement are revisited periodically to ensure the safety and comfort of all involved.
  • Option two – You assess your monthly budget and assign a rate you can afford based on you pay schedule. Let’s say this is $400. Then, together, we look for the most equitable distribution of time (maybe weekly 50 minute sessions, maybe two 80 minute sessions per month) we can spend together and plan accordingly. The fee is charged each month we meet, at the end of the month.

You’ll be directed to TherapyPortal for booking

Online scheduling not your thing?

Call / Text 512 387 1729
or Email [email protected]parrow.com

I aim to get back to you within 1 business day (but usually much sooner)!