Client Intake Forms

Please download and fill out the applicable intake form. You must bring a completed intake form to your first appointment.

Counseling Intake Form

What will my experience be like?

For all services at Shine Sparrow Therapy, you’ll arrive with paperwork already filled out no more than 10 minutes before your session. The Shine Sparrow offices do not have waiting space, so if you arrive before then, you’ll have to wait in the car. Shine Sparrow Therapy has a resident dog, so if you have allergies or don’t like dogs, please be sure to mention beforehand.

Intake sessions are 80 minutes of client contact. You’ll meet with Maritza to go over current issues, discuss goals, and learn about the counseling process as recommended by your therapist. This is your chance to ask lots of questions and get what you need to feel comfortable. This is also Maritza’s chance to see if she is the appropriate person to help with your concerns. At the end of session, if you decide Shine Sparrow Counseling isn’t right for you, there is no fee.

Sessions are held in a spacious multi-purpose counseling room that can accommodate individuals, children, couples, and families. The Shine Sparrow Therapup (resident dog) may be around. If you prefer her not to be, just make mention of this and she will be happily restrained in another room. There is access to the bathroom as well as toys, sandtray, and art for those modalities to be used. It is a very relaxed, comfortable environment where you are meant to feel at home.

Parents are invited to run errands or visit the mueller center for some time to themselves during children’s sessions, as there is no waiting room in the Shine Sparrow facility.

Can I use my insurance?

Shine Sparrow Therapy does not take any form of insurance, but can provide diagnostic receipts for all treatment. For clients who are unable to afford session fees, sliding scale may be available by speaking to Maritza about it.

What are the fees?

For fees and pricing, please refer to the Rates page.

What kinds of things can Shine Sparrow Therapy help me with?

People come to counseling when they feel some aspect of their feelings, relationships, or similar part of their lives are getting out of hand. Professional Counseling is an applicable resource for all people, in all stages of life, with many presenting problems and goals. Counseling can help clients heal from emotional hurts, establish and achieve goals, mend relationships and much more.

Is my information confidential?

Yes. Shine Sparrow Therapy follows all pertinent legal and ethical codes, including HIPAA privacy practices. Limits to confidentiality are discussed during “informed consent,” the time you talk to the therapist before you begin receiving formal services.

How long should my sessions be?

Initial sessions for Professional Counseling are always 80 minutes.