Maritza Valle, MA, LMT

Feel better. Be better.

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Shine Sparrow Therapy is a Professional Counseling business owned and operated by Maritza Valle, MA, LPC, LMT. Maritza earned her undergraduate degrees in Theatre and Dance, Religious Studies, and Radio TV Film from the University of Texas in Austin, and her Master’s in Professional Counseling from Texas State University. A committed life-long learner, Maritza specializes in Relational Therapy (including for Trauma, Sex, and Children’s issues) in her counseling practice. You can read more about her counseling practice here.


Shine Sparrow Therapy is located in Northeast Austin at 1413 Atterbury Lane where individual massage therapy or professional counseling clients are seen.

Clients of Shine Sparrow Therapy are EITHER professional counseling clients or massage clients. Never the twain shall meet. But Maritza is able to give great referrals to other wonderful, competent professionals when the need arises.